Organic Ear Candles
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Following are testimonials from a few of our wholesale & retail customers...

...Kansas Candles are unique. They are offer extremely high quality in organic form...Kansas Candles have had many accolades from their customers and other industry leaders...The scent of the candles is pleasant when being burnt or displayed on a table. Kansas Candles are the perfect choice for ear wax candles.

Excerpt from an article written by Charity Adams on EzineArticles.com

2x with your candles and a self administered ear flush, I excavated a landfill, two basset hounds and a Hummer. Boy, did that feel good! :-) Will eagerly recommend Kansas Candles whenever possible. God Bless ya'll.

- Michael G. in Grand Junction, CO

... these candles are the best quality candles I've ever handled.

Phylameana lila Désy
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Oh my gosh! What a difference an organic ear candle makes! When I used the paraffin candles, I always had to wait for a sunny, windless day because I had to go outside to candle - or risk my house smelling like second-hand smoke for days. The organic beeswax produces a fraction of the smoke and it is very pleasant. The organic candle burns without carcinogenic or chemical by-products and ionizes the air naturally as it burns. I love the distinctive striping of the Kansas Candles Organic Ear Candles. They are beautiful enough to keep in a vase in my bathroom! Compared to a traditional ear candle, these organic candles burn more evenly, burn cleaner with less smoke, and have less ash. The openings at both ends are very consistent from one candle to the next and they are very sturdy. I appreciate the fact that the company uses only quality organic products because of its sincere commitment to the environment. Congratulations on an exceptional product!

Warmest regards,
Kimberly Moore in North Carolina

I am a salon owner, cosmetologist, barber and massage therapist. I have been coning ears since 1989 and have used every size, shape and color of ear candle imaginable. The high quality of these ear candles certainly justifies the price. After using Kansas Candles' organic ear candles, I will never use any other ear candle again.

- Kelli K. in Kansas

I tried other ear candles and did not think they measured up to Kansas Candles in: Quality of construction; quality of materials; better fit into the ear; less smoke when burning; and definitely less odor/smell. Last but not least, you can't beat the price considering how much more they must cost to make using organic ingredients. I paid $12.50 for a pair of other ear candles on the internet and I was not pleased with them.

- Debra in Dallas, TX

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