Organic Ear Candles
Use common sense!
good luck! disclaimer
You will need: protective cloth, bowl of water, scissors & fire source
1. After the recipient is situated, drape a protective cloth over areas that will be exposed to the candle. You may dampen
the cloth as a further precaution.
4. The ash from the ear candle needs to be cut off frequently to keep the burning end open. An assistant needs to position the bowl of water to receive the candle ash.
2. Make sure both ends of the candle are open, then light the large end.
lf no assistant is available you need to remove the candle cautiously and take it to the bowl of water to be cut.
3. Following the positioning guidelines, place the tapered tip of the ear candle to the opening of the ear canal. Not the lit end.
5. Let the candle burn down to a safe distance from the recipient's ear. End the session by carefully removing the candle, then cut the burning portion into the bowl of water.
Make sure that the candle forms a seal on the ear canal and fits com-
fortably. Stop coning immediately if there is ever any discomfort.
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