Organic Ear Candles
Use common sense!
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Ear coning should be done in a location that is free of drafts
with adequate ventilation. The
coning session can be much more enjoyable if the atmosphere is peaceful. Massaging over the sinuses and around the ears during the coning session can be very relaxing. Read these instructions, put on some soft music and find a comfortable resting place for the lucky person about to receive the ear coning. Always use caution when working with fire and hot wax. Never attempt to cone your ears unassisted.
The recipient of the ear coning may sit, lounge, or lie down, but their head may need to be adjusted so the ear candle can be held in the recommended position.
Position the candle horizontally, leaving space for the bowl of water to fit under it. As pictured on the left, the recipient's head will be tilted away from the candle. Practice positioning the candle correctly before lighting it.
Never position the ear candle vertically (straight up & down) or hold the candle at a downward angle. Lying on one's side is unsafe for ear coning.
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